Case Studies

MHG’s consultants have been involved in a wide variety of case studies that speak to our market access and and HEOR capabilities.


  • Analogue pricing and access

  • High cost / high profile analogue pricing and access intelligence monitoring in the USA / EU5


  • P&R optimised trial design

  • P&R optimised trial design in France and Germany for a novel multiple myeloma aAb


  • Objection handler development

  • Payer objection handler development for an infused multiple sclerosis agent in the UK


  • Value proposition development

  • Value proposition development for a 2nd line ALK+ NSCLC asset in Latin America



  • Early economic platform development

  • Flexible early economic platform development for company x’s Oncology portfolio


  • Interactive BIM development

  • Interactive BIM development for a Sub-Q multiple sclerosis agent in the USA


  • Cost-utility model development

  • Cost-utility model development for a novel DAA in HCV in the USA, EU5, and Asia


  • Adherence / persistence model

  • Adherence / persistence model for a multiple sclerosis agent in the USA


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